Time to Sweat!

Jackie offers a variety of classes to help you build strength and find the confidence you've been looking for.


A 45 minute total body strength and cardio workout done to the beat of the music! Need light and medium weights, resistance bands. 5 - 12 lbs.


A 45 minute total body strength training workout done to the beat of the music. Need medium - heavier weights. 10 - 20 lbs.


A 45 minute strength training workout focused on building upper body strength. Need 5 - 25 lbs.


A 45 minute sweat session done in 2 part. The first 25 minutes are HIIT cardio and the last 15 are all core. NO equipment needed.


45 minute pilates inspired workout focused on core and glutes! You need sliders, light weights and mini bands.

Hi there! I'm Jackie.

Hi, I am Jackie! It’s great to have you here! I am a former dancer turned fitness professional and loving every minute of it!  I started my Fitness career in NYC as a pilates instructor and then quickly  started to learn as much about group fitness as possible. After a decade of creating content for several large fitness brands I decided it was time to do it on my own, insert… THELAB!

My time as a fitness talent director in NYC, DC and PHILLY has lead me here to bring you a comprehensive program driven by the support of its community! I can’t wait to sweat it out with you!